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iAuditNetTM is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, web-based Quality Process Compliance Audit Management Solution covering the entire cycle of Audits. iAuditNetTM is designed for organizations requiring a robust Quality Management System as an enterprise solution.

iAuditNetTM solution assists Audit Team, Quality Team and Management in smooth progress of various Audits, identifying Non-Conformations/deviations, monitoring corrective actions, manage Quality Meetings, generate role based reports for study & analysis along with host of other features like Knowledge Base, Business Alerts, etc..


    •  Web based tool, convenient to use from anywhere, anytime with near real time data.
    •  Saves time in managing Audit, collating data, tracking deviations/observations, reviewing CAPA, performing analysis, etc
    •  Helps Audit Team to effectively manage additional responsibility and contribute towards continual improvement.
    •  Comprehensive Reports for compliance check with reference to the standard/SOP.
    •  Role based information - Different section of people can view the information in the required form through different set of            reports, perform comprehensive analysis. Role based Dashboard information for quick understanding of Audit Status.
    •  Minimizes documentation efforts, schedule reminders for activities / follow-ups, Online updating of Audit Data helps to capture         precise information
    •  Quick & easy reference to Clauses for a deviation / non-conformance.
    •  Easy retrieving of previous data for comparison, study and trend-analysis.
    •  Convenient management of Audit(s) for Multi-location sites.
    •  Demonstrate structured approach to Quality Management System within the organisation.


    •  Get anytime, anywhere access to all your critical audit information
    •  Comprehensive Reports
    •  Reduced administration cost
    •  Improve Service Standards
    •  Central repository providing easy but secured access to data
    •  Eliminates manual forms and associated processing overhead
    •  Improve decision making by capturing better metrics
    •  Manage Multi-Locational Audits