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Professional  Services

iNetFrame's Customer Solutions Group offers unrivalled professional services dedicated to the success of our customers. Our services include:
   • Solution Consulting
   • Implementation
   • Data Porting
   • Integration
   • Customization
   • Training

Solution Consulting
We provide consulting services to Large and Medium sized organisations in the area of our solution offering i.e., Quality Process Audit Compliance, HR and Custom ERP.

Our implementation services are available not only for the our solutions & products but also for other solutions in the area of Quality Process Audit Compliance and HR which require our implementation expertise.
To Know more about our implementation methodology.

Data Porting
We provide data porting services and help our customers to migrate existing data into the system and use the data for further processing / analysis.

Traditionally, critical data is distributed across desktops, file servers and other applications. Confident decision-making, however, requires these data to be available centrally while still leveraging your existing IT investments. To meet this need, our solutions have the facility of quick data porting features.

Our Solutions comes "out-of-the-box" with powerful configuration capabilities that provide unmatched levels of flexibility for different organizations. Our Customer Solutions Group will assist you with any special needs you have as you build the ideal system to match your requirements as:
· Building custom reports
· Developing custom workflow capabilities

iNetframe's Customer Solutions Group offers a standard training programme, as well as the design and deliver custom training programme to match your company's unique needs.

Standard Training Programme
A critical component of our Solution deployment is training. Training allows users to use the system first-hand and see how it can improve their productivity - all in the context of how the solution relates directly to their roles and responsibilities.

Our instructors can train users directly or adopt a "train-the-trainer" approach. All of our course materials can be easily adapted to your specific terminology, processes, and training objectives.

Custom Training Programme
Our Customer Solutions Group can help you to design, develop, and deliver customized training courses that meet your specific needs.

Training by iNetFrame can give you the skills you need to make effective business decisions by teaching you how to use our Software/Application to transform raw data into actionable insight.