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At iNetFrame, we provide a full range of services and solutions to businesses, both large and small. When our clients choose iNetFrame, they feel confident and secure that they'll receive the best people, the best tools, and the assurance that their iNetFrame team will be there every step of the way ... until success is achieved.

The need to develop software applications in aggressive timeframe is placing special demands on software organizations to respond to the market. Added to this, the frequent changing technology platforms and mastering these add to the challenges of an organization. Then there are multiple focus areas both in terms of technology and domains. It is in this realm that iNetFrame is proposing to carve out a special relationship with its customers and partners.

iNetFrame’s expertise on Application Engineering addresses these ever-rising demands placed on software solution organizations. iNetFrame is uniquely structured to provide effective services with Quality, Time and Cost advantages. The key differentiators are:

  • Products & Custom Projects developed within agreed timelines
  • Excellent Technology and Project Management Skills
  • Collaborative Development
  • Risk and Quality Management
  • Product and Project Management
  • Cost Advantage

Value proposition
iNetFrame team comes with a very strong technology, process and management background. We bring the following to the table in our relationship with customers and partners.

  • Reduced development time using component-based development by reusing horizontal and vertical components from iNetFrame’s component repository & rich experience.
  • Extensive experience in combination of onsite, offsite, offshore and distributed models in project management
  • Specialization in internet technologies, portal solutions and custom application development
  • Provide e-governance solutions for Government Sector
  • Application and Database Migration on multiple platforms
  • Aggressive and proactive approach leading to fast response time
  • Continuous value addition
  • Flexible engagements and team deployment model
  • Concept-to-launch solution development
  • Comprehensive experience in defining, fine-tuning, and measuring processes based on Extreme Programming practices, SEI-CMM and ISO 9001 systems
  • Full commitment to the partnership
  • Leveraging best practices in project and program management

We believe that by leveraging the above strengths we deliver value and delight to our customers and partners.

iNetFrame's capabilities and expertise span the areas of: